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Colombian painter and architect born in 1989 in Bogotá, Colombia

Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.

I don't want to lose what makes me human in the first place and ignore my animalistic need to come in contact with my own spirit. That is why I portray the physical contact of our behaviour and the passion of bodies entangled in a vital fight in my work. Tangible and organic lumps of flesh, in contrast with the abstract character of contemporary human life which is illustrated by the rupture of the body into the background.

I seek to celebrate the body and the instinct. To get closer to my own essence because I feel that modern day society constantly keeps me from it. Nowadays we live in excessive virtuality and instead I have this urge to sense my physical dimension.


2020 Studied with artist Afredo Araujo Santoyo, A2S workshop, Bogotá, Colombia

2016 Extension courses, Fabula art academy, Bogotá, Colombia

2013 BA in Architecture, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia 

2013 Summer school, Central Saint Martins, London 

2013 Studied with artist Lia Garcia, Cooperartes, Bogotá, Colombia


2019, “Cuerpo Metafísico II”, 12:00 Gallery, Bogotá , Colombia

2018, “Cuerpo Metafísico I”, A2S Workshop, Bogotá, Colombia



2019  “Grandes en Pequeño 2019”, Mecánica Taller y Laboratorio, Bogotá, Colombia

2019  “Latinou: Aglomeraciones”, 526 Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

2018  “Grandes en Pequeño 2018”, Mecánica Taller y Laboratorio, Bogotá, Colombia

2018  “Everything Flows”, Tapir Gallery, Berlín, Germany

2018  “Muestra colectiva Galería 12:00”, 12:00 Annex Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia

2017  “Artbobooo”, A2S Workshop, Bogotá, Colombia

2016  Former Students Design Exhibition, Los Nogales High School, Bogotá June

2015  Milk-Fest art pavilion (festival), Baum, Bogotá    

2015  13th National Art Salon, Casa Cuadrada gallery, Bogotá, Colombia

2013  “Hasta el Gato”, El Garaje Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia


2020, Shortlisted top 20 for the Boynes Emerging Artist Award, Melbourne, Australia 

2020, Shortlisted top 100 for the Bridgeman Studio Award, London, UK 

2014, IV Faber-Castell National Competition (honorable mention), Contemporary Art Museum of Bogotá, Bogotá, Colombia


Jose Michelsen´s work is present in private collections in the UK, Germany, France, USA and Colombia since 2014.

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